Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Faces of Oaxaca...

As I have served over the years in Oaxaca, one of the things I have seen in a people with little to celebrate in life is an indomitable spirit, proud of their Oaxacan heritage.

I put this little picture book together last year and would like to offer it up to you.  It makes a great gift to someone who has served with us, or would just appreciate the art of photography shown in the faces.

The photography was primarily done my friends at Mission Focused, a great group of people trying to document in pictures what God is doing around the world in mission.

Click here to see the book and to order it.  It's not expensive and every book sold helps fund a little bit of what Adventures in Life Ministry is trying to do in Oaxaca, Mexico.

If you want a copy in Spanish, let me know.  Those will be available soon too!

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