Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Faces of Oaxaca...

As I have served over the years in Oaxaca, one of the things I have seen in a people with little to celebrate in life is an indomitable spirit, proud of their Oaxacan heritage.

I put this little picture book together last year and would like to offer it up to you.  It makes a great gift to someone who has served with us, or would just appreciate the art of photography shown in the faces.

The photography was primarily done my friends at Mission Focused, a great group of people trying to document in pictures what God is doing around the world in mission.

Click here to see the book and to order it.  It's not expensive and every book sold helps fund a little bit of what Adventures in Life Ministry is trying to do in Oaxaca, Mexico.

If you want a copy in Spanish, let me know.  Those will be available soon too!

Monday, December 05, 2011

More From Jesus is the Answer Short-Term Missions

Fresh off our success with quick easy short-term mission adventures, Jesus is the Answer Short-Term Missions has just announced a new venture sure to excite millions of faithful believers looking to make an impact in the world today.

Why should you hide what you do for the Kingdom under a rock?  Doesn't the word tell us to "let our light shine before man?"

For you and many others just like you, this is the question they have been asking... How can I do good for Jesus, and be famous for doing it?  

Ask no more!

Jesus is the Answer Short-Term Mission is now offering a chance not only to change the world at a great price, we are going to film it and make you the star of your very own reality TV Series!

That's right.  For a small add on fee to our regular short-term mission trip, you and your friends will not only be blessed by getting to help some poor impoverished people understand true faith like we do, you'll be able to watch yourself transform their life when you get home!


 I've been serving with Jesus is the Answer Short-Term Missions for years and have always felt like something was missing after one of my trips.  Now I know what it was.  No one was able to see me doing good stuff.  Now all of my friends can look at me and want to serve and be famous just like I am!

Molly W., Second Methodist Church, Helmutville, Iowa


Director Sam Burnett said “This is a different twist on a kind of short-term mission trip evangelicals have done for a long time.”  “It turns short-term mission into an entertainment model, where you can feel good watching it, people feel good doing it and you and your friends can get exposure.” 

"Look" he said, "young people today want to be on television, they want to be famous.  What better way for that to happen than to marry their world changing hope with television and entertainment?"

When questioned about the potential to exploit poor people for the financial gain of Jesus is the Answer Short-Term Missions or the television network, Burnett scoffed.  "These poor people want to be on television too and if it takes a reality show like this, so be it.  The bottom line here is that we are doing good.  Are we gonna make some money on this? Absolutely, but we will be reinvesting a large percentage of our profits into helping even more people achieve their goals to do good and be famous."

So what are you waiting for?  Add this option to one of our regular trips for the small amount of $49.00 and for less than two C-notes, not only will you be helping some poor person understand Jesus like you, you'll be on your way to stardom.

But wait there's more... if you call today, we will give everyone in your group their very own DVD of the show that was filmed on their mission trip signed with thanks from the poor person you helped.

Don't be left behind!  Operators are standing by now.  

Call us immediately at (634)723-SAVE to book your trip with Jesus is the Answer Short-Term Missions and be sure to tell us you want the reality show upgrade and free DVD!

Nothing like this could be further from the truth...
Think we're Kidding?