Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need Help...

Cathedral Santo Domingo against the blue sky of Oaxaca
I am horrible at publicizing what I do in Oaxaca and other parts of Mexico.

There is a part of me that wars within my soul against drawing attention to me and my work and the need to get the word out about what we are doing in Mexico.  And yes I know it's God's work, but you know what I mean.

I hate asking for money, paying the bills, worrying about making ends meet and setting up good photos of our work, both to document it and for publicity.

One of the little ones inside the church we helped build in San Baltazar Guelevila, Oaxaca

And yet, I know all of this stuff is a necessary part of what must be done in an organization that does not have the luxury of being in front of a congregation every week and passing an offering plate around.

Thankfully God has brought two wonderful people into my circle to help me.

One is Kristin Grimes.  Kristin, who I've known from my original days in Las Vegas, takes care of paying the bills, making ends meet, and is biggest help I have had in our office in many years.  Her expertise, professionalism, and love of what we are doing is a constant source of encouragement for me.  I could not continue to serve were it not for Kristin.  She has been a gift from God.

Art exhibit remembering those that died trying to go north to improve their lives
The other is Joe Ramirez.  Joe was mutual friend of AIL Ministry Co-Founder Grady Martine and our original translator, cultural guide, and teacher of all things Mexico, Paul Lathrop.

Joe is a great photographer.  Years ago when he was starting out, he was always talking about getting involved with AIL Ministry... it just never quite happened.

And then a few years back I got Joe to join us in Oaxaca on our Men's Ministry to shoot photos.


TURSE, a world famous men's choir we encountered on the streets of the Barrio Jalatlaco

Just knowing that Joe is there with us and shooting photos of what we do has been a tremendous blessing.  No longer do I have to spend hours trying to get the money shot, as photogs call it, only to have it over exposed.

Joe is part of an organization, Mission Focused, that exists to help people document God's work around the world.

This man will sell you whatever you need for your kitchen

Trust me on this... if you are on mission and want to tell your story, you need photos.  Joe can be a huge help to your ministry and he can be reached though Mission Focused.

Now I still have to be that guy asking for money, but the load is a little lighter with people like Joe and Kristin carrying some of the burden.  So until I find someone to do that asking for me, make sure you go to our web site and make a donation, both you and AIL Ministry will be better for it.

Meanwhile, the pictures here are just a few that Joe took recently when he was in Oaxaca with me earlier this month telling the story of Oaxaca and our ministry... enjoy!


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