Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A New Resource from Jesus is the Answer Short-Term Missions!

Dear Fellow Kingdom-Builder,

We invite you to check out our new resource for missionaries and missions sending organizations... RateMyMissionTrip.com!  This is the first and only mission trip review website of its kind!

This new site is designed to be the go-to ratings hub for anyone seeking honest and reliable reviews about mission trips from the short-term missionaries point of view.  

That right, why bother to worry about what the in-country missionary hosts need, or even think!  After all aren’t most short-term mission trips about you and what God can do for you and your church?

It’s a known fact that the short-term mission industry is growing by leaps and bounds as the economy improves and people desire extreme faith experiences.  So why leave this important step in your faith journey to chance? 

At RateMyMissionTrip.com you can read reviews from people just like you and then make your decision as to whether or not you want to partner with a particular host missionary or group.

Think of it as Rate My Professor, but from a missions perspective.

Hear what some of the reviewers have had to say about recent trips.

I was able to share with poor people and my agency didn’t make me stay overnight with them.  One day I even got to eat a meal with them.  But the food was awful.  Other than that, I was blessed!
Gina J., First Church of Cabezon, CA

My mission ministry was in the toilet until I found RateMyMissionTrip.com. The reviews really helped me decide where the cheapest mission trips could be found without ever picking up a telephone.
Pastor Rich T., Kohler Baptist Church, Homeville TN

I am glad I got this chance to serve in Uganda.  I was told that poor people need us rich people so they know what to aspire to.  I was glad to be an example of what God wants poor people to look up to.
Susan R., Church of the Willows, Bullhead City, AZ 

I felt everything went well, I would go back.
Rick J., Stone City Church, WV

I did not get sick from the water nor did any of our kids.  Also, with this ministry, I saved tons of time preparing.  Praise Jesus!
Pastor Dave T., Church of Our God, Beulah, GA

See what we mean?  

Hard hitting reviews designed to help you, the short-term missionary or the short-term leader find a good mission where your spritual needs will be met.

Look, when you take a team to a far off country, you have a right to expect a big benefit for your group.  Don’t leave this potential once in a lifetime opportunity to impact your group to chance.

You’ll save hours of research time on the Internet and telephone just by visiting RateMyMissionTrip.com and then serving with one of our well reviewed mission opportunities.

Let’s face it, with so many mission opportunities you want to make sure you are serving with someone who sees you, the person paying the bills, as the most important person on the mission.  At RateMyMissionTrip.com you are king!

Take a look around our site and see how an approach that focuses on you, the short-term missionary, can benefit you and your church or group.

Sign up now and we will give you a 23% discount on our gold package which includes a review for for every member of your group, exclusive discounts on amusement parks near your mission site and a list of restaurants serving American food near where you will be serving.

You can be sure that RateMyMissionTrip.com will be here to serve you!

Contact us today on the web of by phone at 326.555.0976... Operators are standing by now!

[Yes it is snarky and satirical, but sadly, based in reality.  E-mail me for more info]

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